Jenny Lane Smith – Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Educator

My work has always been a juxtaposition with color, composition and visual experience. I like to create regenerated imagery which leads viewers into intrigue. I was immersed in the arts as a child, My Father was a painter who taught at RISD for over 25 years and my Mother is a textile artist who at 91, continues her artwork.

My career journey began at RISD landing a BFA in Textiles in 1989.  I began a career as a Graphic Designer, working with print designs on fabrics as well as package design, branding, logo design and printed collateral.  Going back to school at a later age I became an educator and have taught Graphic Design and Multi Media for over 24 years.  I have taught design & layout, color theory, typography, photography, basic web design and animation. In addition, I have taught and prepared students in a 4 year program to become Adobe Certified in PhotoShop and InDesign. 

While teaching, I continued pursuing my own photography. I enjoy industrial, organic, and people as subjects of the non suspecting. I enjoy the challenge of shooting subjects that most people would pass by as uninteresting, challenging myself with composition and light to create intriguing and interesting imagery.

My latest concentration has been paper collage. With my passion for the sea, I have taken on colorful creation of fictitious sea life as well as landscape on the ocean.  I have developed techniques using cut and torn paper and glue. My creations combine shapes, texture, color  theory and unique compositions using the elements and principles of design.

I exhibit and sell my photography and collages. I have been commissioned to do installations of my collage work on boats as well as specialized/personalized work for residential homes. I also give workshops on Paper Collage.

Please contact me for more information, if you are interested in purchasing please send me the number of the artwork.

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